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Review of: Baruch A. Levine, Numbers 21-36 (AB), Yale Press, 2000

Baruch A. Levine, Numbers 21-36 (AB), Yale Press, 2000

Korte review in: The Expository Times 2001 112: 280
Korte review door: de Editor
Gevonden op: http://ext.sagepub.com/content/112/8/280.full.pdf+html

The book of Numbers is hardly the most popular of the books of the Old Testament, but it is nevertheless important. Baruch A. Levine completes his Anchor Bible commentary with Numbers 21-36 (Doubleday, 2000, $45.00, pp. xxi + 614, ISBN 0-385-41256-8). Levine appears to cover all the relevant issues at tremendous depth. The discussions of archaeological and other evidence are extensive, and particular questions are followed up with great diligence (cf. the lengthy discussion of the Balaam poems, including an  account of the inscriptions from Deir ’Alla, given in transcription and translation with detailed notes, or the account of the ’towns of asylum’ and the treatment of homicide). This is a major commentary on the book, though chiefly, I suspect, of interest to scholars.

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